Our Story

We love the neighborhood! For us, local shops stand at the heart of the community. We like to surround ourselves with wonderful customers, creatives, food makers, and independent retailers. We champion small-scale artisan producers throughout our shop. We are proud of what we do. We hope that our years of knowledge and experience help you find the best quality, value, and, above all, flavor. Ours is a love affair with people, places, and great products. With these pillars, we hope to do right by everyone. It’s our passion.

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About Us

We offer unique, everyday staples and hard-to-find, curious, vintage, and new products. We delight in their details, history, and craftsmanship−and we tell you all about them! Here, you won’t just discover new things to love− you’ll also learn about the things you already love.

We playfully blend old soul, world traveler, and modern sensibilities. We blend aesthetics to help our customers create their own artful sense of home and personal style. As far as groceries go, we carry a mix of gourmet and every day. We love small batches and artisanal and know that some things are just classic food staples. And then there are just plain delicious or nostalgic items, even if they’re a bit unhealthy. We like to indulge, too!

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Earth Friendly

We’re a team. As your market, we’re teaming up with you, our customer, to create a better planet.

We’re in it together, as they say, these days.

We are designing our business—it’s a work in progress−to be Earth-conscious. While our focus is on selling delicious food, we also work hard to produce less landfill waste, invest in energy-efficient technology, use less packaging, use compostable containers, and up-cycle the containers you already use.

We encourage our customers to use containers and bags from home. To that end, we also sell attractive containers and bags that you can refill instead of throwing away. We also charge for our packaging at a reasonable price. And if you get your order in an up-cycled shipping box, don’t be surprised!


Reusable Shopping Bags

Recyclable and refillable bottles, coffee cups, containers, and food packaging

Clothing & Hats

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