For the love of cooking

Culinary Architecture nourishes our customers through delicious food and great service. These are our cornerstones, providing the warmth and vitality of an old-school neighborhood market. Our goal is to de-mystify the art of cooking and provide a creative environment for home cooks to celebrate the culinary arts.

Our Team

Sylva Lin and Piper Booher are the partners of Culinary Architecture. They collaborate on just about everything, sip cocktails together, and bandy about food ideas and “what-ifs” in the food world. They not only share a love of cooking but also interacting with people.

They have found the fastest way to community is often a shared story, told through food. Most days you will find Piper and Sylva laughing, cooking and making people happy!

We strive to connect with the community around us by initiating conversation at our larger table. Here, we hope to spread our mission of cooking and dining with awareness, generosity, and lots of laughter.

You can eat exactly what you love, stress-free, and get to know the people who prepare your food!