Piper Booher: Sizzling Bacon and Southern Charm

Growing up in rural eastern North Carolina, southern food culture was a way of life. From pig pickins to pickling, from mahi to molasses, every season was filled with flavor and color. I learned early that food brought people together.

Summer was the best—we enjoyed barbecue (pork, vinegar-based), hush puppies, produce from local farm stands, and fresh fish from my father’s boat. Southerners know how to eat and have a good time, so although I have lived in Maryland since 2008, the Southern girl in me lives on.

Like most good Southern women, I love to create. Thus, I dabble in arts, crafts, cooking, and decorating. At the same time, I’m a proud collector of works by regional and Maryland artisans and artists.

At Culinary Architecture, I exercise my creative energies along with my business talents. I bring years of experience in non-profits and fundraising to the table. I like to think of myself as a creative soul with a practical edge. In shaping our business, my partner Sylva and I balance each other’s talents nicely.

Culinary Architecture is building an outlet that enhances the Baltimore community as a business, a social engine, and a creative force. I look forward to helping you discover the ways we can meet your needs. You’ll find me in the front of the house, welcoming everyone who visits the shop. So drop in and say hello!