Private Dining

Culinary Architecture guarantees that the best seat in town is at our table, whether you are hosting a party of friends and family, or a dinner meeting intended to impress.

We’re not considered a restaurant, but something new and exciting; we are a private culinary space — we are simply a chef, a kitchen with a unique dining room and outdoor event space – we’re both more, and less.

Every social setting produces different types of cooking; we enjoy them all. Often we learn from our clients, just as they learn from us. We love this personal contact—it’s true community dining. Many of our clients enjoy entertaining. For them, hosting a dinner party is the new “Saturday night out.” Creating an event at Culinary Architecture can involve actually you preparing a private dinner for your guests—with our help—or having our staff attentively cater to all your needs. The best thing about hosting a party at Culinary Architecture instead of your house—you don’t have to do any of the clean-up or the wash dishes!

Private Dining Menu

The true essentials
of a feast are only
fun and feed.

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Your own Personal Chef

As personal chefs, we are expected to know—and do—more than your average chef, who cooks only one type of cuisine, in the same setting, day after day. Instead, we scour cookbooks, restaurants and magazines for recipes, entertainment ideas, and food trends. We offer cooking services to our customers as an international culinary passport; we travel everywhere, meet great people and share in a variety of lifestyles.

When you work as a personal chef, you develop deeper relationships with your clients than you could ever get in a large restaurant.

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